Critical Race Theory Impacts DEI for Future

Critical Race Theory has become a mainstreamtopic of discussion in recent times. While legislators are trying to banCritical Race Theory from being taught in schools, it is an essential steppingstone to a more diverse future. Let’s discuss how critical race theory impacts DEI for future.


DEI in the Workplace Through Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory (CRT) education aims toeducate people about how racism is included in the public policy system whichmakes people of color predisposed to certain challenges that most whiteAmericans do not experience.


Critical race theory also tries to establishthat race is not a biologically defined feature. It’s origin is more based onculture and was invented to exploit certain minority groups, and prevent themfrom accessing amenities that major groups can easily enjoy.


Critical race theory can impact the future ofDEI in workplaces and in other settings as well. This is why it’s important forany workplace to implement a DEI committee that can engage the whole team tolearn about critical race theory and other DEI-focused learning materials.


Talking about critical race theory in theworkplace can help lead to a more inclusive environment. It is not just an HRissue anymore, and it needs to be directly addressed with everyone involved.


A lot of companies have always just putconversations around these things in a handbook and passed them around once ayear. There is general discomfort with navigating these topics. But it is hightime that we become educated.


Without a proper understanding of how thesystem works in favor of and against certain races, many people can still causeproblems in the workplace and create a hostile environment. It’s not enough tojust put people of color on the company website if these people do not feelsafe in the office.


This is why more DEI-focused content andlearning are important in the workplace. Learning and understanding howcritical race theory works can help everyone work towards a more diverse,equitable, and inclusive workplace.



How to Improve DEI in the Workplace?


Whether you’re a business or an individual,you can do your part to improve DEI in the workplace. Be more inclusive ineverything that you do. Starting from choosing what kind of content to use in abusiness meeting to hiring the right people, all of it should be intentionaland thought out. With the right intentions and practices, we can make theworkspace safer.


Here are a few ways you can implement DEIpractices in your office.


●      Education


Often people are unintentionally biasedtowards others and we can’t help it. This is why it’s important to includeeducational resources in your DEI game (Such as education on CRT) so you canidentify any biases and respond to them in a fair way. Bray Mediais a great option that allows you to educate your team on a lot of differentthings in a DEI focused learning approach.


●      DEI Team


Develop a DEI team that works in the office toestablish better DEI practices. As these things are constantly changing andthere are new employees and practices every new term, practicing DEI is not aonetime thing. Having a team that can identify where there needs to be changesand can help resolve issues can improve your workspace environment greatly.





Proper understanding of how critical race theory impacts DEI for future can help youunderstand how to implement it in the workplace. Practicing inclusion anddiversity through technology can make the workspace hold space for everyoneinvolved.


It creates a more cohesive environment that everyonecan thrive in. Hope this helped you!