Top 5 Most Inclusive Companies and Why?

With social justice movements being such a hottopic today, more and more companies are focusing on their DEI practices. Nomatter how big of a business it is, diversity and inclusion is an importantissue to keep in mind. So, let's check out the top 5 most inclusive companies and why they are being named assuch.



Top 5 Most Inclusive Companies


According to Forbes, this is the list of the top 5 mostinclusive companies. They have partnered with Statista, which is a marketresearch company to develop these results, taking input from 50,000 Americans.


1.    Jones LangLaSalle (JLL)


JLL is a commercial real estate company thatwas initially founded in the UK and has over 80 offices all over the world. JLLis committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment in all itsoffices and workspaces. They value hard work and understand that a welcoming andsafe environment is necessary for employees to thrive.


It was founded in 1999 and has about 63,560employees. They have dedicated Business Resource Groups that work towardsmaking their DEI goals a reality.


2.    Booz AllenHamilton (BAH)


This is a management and informationtechnology consulting firm that is located in Virginia, D.C in the US. Theypride themselves on their values and purpose which are rooted in diversity andinclusion and giving everyone a voice.


They hold an annual summit called theUnstoppable Together Summit, which is focused on promoting more DEI-focusedvalues. The 2022 theme is Creating a More Equitable Future.


3.    Quicken Loans


Quicken Loans or Rocket Mortgage is a mortgageloan provider company. It’s located in Michigan, USA. They are extremelytransparent about their DEI practices and they even have published their DEIstrategic plan on their website.


They have also included their progress andanalysis on how well they are doing on the DEI front. Whether it be employment,team engagements, or even in communications, they focus on being equitable andinclusive in all aspects.


4.    University ofAlabama


While seeing a university on this list mightsurprise, universities are also in fact businesses. This university, located inBirmingham, is a public research university with over 50 areas of study and alot of different pre-professional programs offered.


Not only do they focus on creating a morediverse and inclusive space for the employees of the university, but they arealso adamant about creating a safe space for all students. Their goals are toensure that everyone, teachers and students alike, feel valued and supported.


5.    FidelityInvestments

Fidelity Investments is a financial servicesfirm that is based in Boston, Masachuessettes in America. They work to makefinancial expertise more widely available to everyone and hence they arefocused on building an inclusive and diverse community of employees andclients.


They have 5 main focuses when it comes to DEI.These are increasing diversity within the company, ensuring that the entireworkforce is inclusive, helping out with inequality issues in the customercommunities, being open about their DEI progress, and also being transparentabout roles and accountability.



What DEI Practices Do These Companies Follow?


If you notice, you will find that all acrossthese 5 companies there are similar values and practices that they follow. Thefirst is that they have a separate emphasis and active implementation of DEI intheir workspace. They all have a dedicated page on their websites for their DEIgoals and practices. They are very transparent about their practices andprogress.


This just shows that ensuring DEI in theworkplace is a huge task that requires a workforce of its own. It's not justsimply about putting on some posters across the office and handing out fliers.Properly implementing a diverse workspace takes effort and investment. These 5companies are all great examples to follow when it comes to what they are doingright.





Now that you've gone over the top 5 mostinclusive companies and why you can probably tell which features are makingthem successful at practicing DEI. It's high time that more companies followthrough and up their game.